Selected Publications since 1988


1. Complexity of the Regularized Newton Method [pdf]

2. Exterior Distance Function [pdf]

3. Legendre Transformation in Modern Optimization [pdf]

4. Nonlinear Input-Output Equilibrium [pdf]

5. The Projected Gradient Method for Non-negative Least Squares [pdf]

6. R. Polyak, Lagrangian Transformation and Interior Ellipsoid Methods in Convex Optimization [pdf]

7. R. Polyak, J. Costa and S. Neyshabouri, Dual Fast Projected Gradient Method for Quadratic Programming [pdf]

8. I. Griva and R. Polyak, Proximal Point Nonlinear Rescaling Method for Convex Optimization [pdf]

9. R. Polyak, Nonlinear Equilibrium for optimal resource allocation [pdf]

10. I. Griva and R. Polyak, Primal-Dual Methods for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization [pdf]

11.  R. Polyak, Nonlinear Equilibrium vs. Linear Programming [pdf]

12.  R. Polyak, On the Local Quadratic Convergence of the Primal-Dual Augmented Lagrangian Method [pdf]

13.  R. Polyak, Primal-Dual Exterior Point Method for Convex Optimization, Optimization Methods and Software. [pd]

14.  R. Polyak, S.-S. Ho and I. Griva, Support Vector Machine via Nonlinear Rescaling Method, tentatively accepted by Optimization Letters. [pdf]

15.  R. Polyak, Regularized Newton Method for Unconstrained Convex Optimization, to appear in Math. Program. [pdf]

16.  I. Griva and R. Polyak, 1.5-Q-superlinear convergence of an exterior-point method for constrained optimization, to appear in Journal of Global Optimization [pdf]

17.  R. Polyak, Nonlinear Rescaling as Interior Quadratic Prox Method in Convex Optimization, to appear in COAP [pdf]

18.  I. Griva and R. Polyak, Primal-dual nonlinear rescaling method with dynamic scaling parameter update, Math. Program., Ser. A 106, 237-259 (2006) [pdf]

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20.  R. Polyak, Lagrangian Transformation in Convex Optimization, Research Report-072003, Department of SEOR & Mathematical Science Department, GMU, pages 1-23 (2003) [pdf]

21.  R. Polyak, Nonlinear rescaling vs. smoothing technique in convex optimization, Math. Program., Ser. A 92: 197-235 (2002)[pdf]

22.  R. Polyak, Log-Sigmoid Multipliers Method in Constrained Optimization, Annals of Operations Research 101, 427-460 (2001) [pdf]

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25.  R. Polyak, Modified Interior Distance Functions, Contemporary Mathematics, AMS, Vol. 209, 183-209 (1997) [pdf]

26.  R. Polyak and M. Teboulle, Nonlinear rescaling and proximal-like methods in convex optimization, Math. Program. 76, 265-284 (1997) [pdf]

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34. I. Griva and R. Polyak, Numerical results obtained by using Nonlinear Rescaling method on COPS set [pdf]