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Ph.D. Thesis

M.Sc. Thesis
  • Introducing a set of process patterns for development of real-time software : Jun. 2008, Under Supervision of Dr. Mirian and with the help from Dr. Ramsin

B.Sc. Project

Compilations (In Farsi)

Ph.D. Courses Materials

M.Sc. Courses Materials (Most of them were with the help form Mr. Rafati)

B.Sc. Courses Materials
  • Information Retrieval (Dr. Oroumchian) : Spring 2005
    • Final Project: Plagiarisim Detection (with the help from Mr. Bagherian)
  • Interface Circuit Design (Mr. Mirzababaei) : Spring 2005
  • Writing And Presentation Skills (Dr. Taghiyareh) : Spring 2005 Our groups was Chahar Nafar Va Nesfi Mr. {Bagherian, Hojjat, Aliakbari, Me}
  • Micro Processor Lab. (Mr. Hasanpour) : Spring 2005 Most of them are done on TB51
  • Object Oriented Design (Mr. Mehrdad) : Spring 2005 with the help from Mr. {Hojjat, Rahmani, Shadmehr}
  • Computer Networks (Dr. Yazdani) : Fall 2004 with the help from Mr. Rahmani
    • Kazza: A simple file sharing protocol like Kazza
    • MST: Simulation of Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm for switches
    • Lambda: Comparing exponential back-off with another scheme
    • Final: TCP over Linux pipe
  • Artificial Intelligence (Dr. Faili) : Fall 2004 with the help from Mr. Mahmoodi
    • Lamps: A search problem
    • Prolog: Working with some kind of Matrix (it's not fast)
    • ANN: Simple face detection with Neural Nets
    • Noghteh: Dot and Boxes game (We didn't win because of a bug in our graph detection algorithm)
  • Operating Systems (Dr. Mahjur) : Spring 2004
    • MyShell: A simple shell
    • RR: Round Robin CPU scheduling algorithm
    • Bakery: Bakery algorithm for critical section
    • Santa: A synchronization problem
    • Bankers: Bankers algorithm for deadlock avoidance
    • Socket: Simple test for socket programming
    • MemMan: Memory management simulation
  • Internet Engineering (Mr. Sheikhattar) : Spring 2004
    • List: Simple linked list project
    • Assign1: Queue and client server file download
    • Assign2: Peer to peer file download program (with the help from Mr. Rafati)
    • Assign3: News system using RMI
    • Assign4: Simple JSP project
  • System Analysis and Design (Dr. Sirjani) : Spring 2004 with the help from Mr. {Rafati, Mahmoodi, Hojjat, Kazemitabar}
  • Advanced Algorithm Design (Dr. Rostamabadi) : Fall 2003
    • ZIP: ZIP using Huffman code (with the help from Mr. Rafati)
  • Computer Architecture (Dr. Safari) : Fall 2003 Most of them were with the help from Mr. Rafati
    • 1: Simple CPU and one company's meeting room system
    • 2: 1's complement and BCD adder
    • 3: Non-Restoring divider
    • 4: Bubble sort with MIPS assembly
    • 5: MIPS single cycle
    • 6: MIPS multi cycle (paper based)
    • 7: MIPS pipeline
    • 8: Queue base processor multi cycle
  • File Structures (Dr. Rahgozar) : Spring 2003
    • SemiDBMS: Implementing hash and B+Tree (with the help from Mr. Rafati)
  • Compiler (Dr. Jaberipour) : Spring 2003
  • Digital Logic Circuits (Dr. Navvabi) : Spring 2003 I don't remember description of them now and most of them were with the help from Mr. Rafati
  • Assembly (Mr. Mirzababaei) : Fall 2002
    • A2I: ASCI to Integer converter
    • BSearch: Implementation of binary search
    • Bubble: Implementation of bubble sort
    • Maze: The solving of the one problem
    • UTflood: Flood fill problem
    • Loopsub: LOOP instruction test
    • JVM: Simple JVM with C
  • Data Structures (Dr. Faili) : Fall 2002 Most of them were with the help from Mr. Hojjat
  • Advanced Programming (Dr. Khosravi) : Spring 2002
    • SimToSim: The simulation of logical circuits (with the help from Mr. Hojjat)
  • Foundation of Computer Programming (Dr. Taghiyareh) : Fall 2001
    • I missed all of my foundation of computer programming projects and advanced programming projects because of HDD loose except one project. Wish cloud was there then!


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