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Barry A. Klinger

Associate Professor
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences
116 Research Hall, Mail Stop 2B3
George Mason University

The view from my desk at home - as it looks to me, anyway.

Textbook: Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions
2023 Virginia Voting Information


CLIM 412/GEOL 412 Physical Oceanography
CLIM 512/EVPP 505 Physical Oceanography
CLIM 690 Scientific Basis of Climate Change
CLIM 710 Intro. Physical Climate System
CLIM 750 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
CLIM 752 Ocean General Circulation

Resources - For Research & Teaching

The Ten Suggestions For Scientific Writing
[with example of Reference List]
Matlab Mscripts for Graphics, Etc.
Sector Globe Mscripts

Easy-Read Campus Map [Updated Aug 2021]
Mason Mask Policy [2 Jun 2021]

Resources - Nontechnical

New Ways to Display Data
Compare Groups: Totals and Per Capitas
How to Get a Majority in a Presidential Election
Make Your Own Sector Globes
Climate and Weather
Localized Weather and Climate Observations
Humans Heating the Earth (climate change info)
Current Climate Conversation Links
Hurricane Landfalls
Oceanography & Miscellaneous
Indian Ocean Currents and Missing Airliner
Atlantic Currents & Sea Level
Views of Marianas Trench
Orbits: Why Does L5 Exist? [Jan 2022]
Replace the Calendar
The Heptal Calendar
Fall Term 2021

Last modified: 19 September 2023