Some Matlab Mscripts

Barry A. Klinger

These are a few of the Matlab scripts I have found useful over the years. They include graphics routines I have written, a collection of more specialized graphics routines for plotting a projection of points, vectors, and contours from a surface of a sphere (such as the Earth), and some routines for quantities involving the equation of state of seawater (such as seawater density).

Figure: contourfP(xnon,-znon,vv,ciG,'A',0,'rbg',.5,[.1 .8]);
% red/blue/green line colors show sign and
% shading shows magnitude.

Update 2015: I've added a powerful new version of contourf which allows the user to easily combine colors from a menu of palettes, added a polar view to the map projection routines, and did a number of smaller improvements on other programs.

Documentation and Mscripts

Listing of Mscripts including some intro material.
Guide to Using Mscripts including advice about graphics.
Archive of Mscripts, .mat files, and Documentation (TAR format, about 7 MB).

Figure: contglobeP(lon,lat,D/1000,ci,'w-','bg',0,'none',.5,xlohi);
% Azimuthal equal-area projection of global bathymetry data,
% blue and green palettes, no contour lines;
% arrows for observed surface ocean velocity climatology.

For higher resolution of the image above, see Guide.
[Note: in Guide, some colorbars are not shown correctly when I look at them in Firefox for Windows 7, but are correct when viewed directly in Acrobat.]

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