CLIM 710 Introduction to the Physical Climate System

Spring 2016 Dr. Barry Klinger ( and Dr. Jagadish Shukla

Course Syllabus

Lectures: Tue/Thu 12:000am-1:15pm, Innovation Hall 139
(Note previous room number was incorrect.)

Lecture Notes

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Problem Sets

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Greenhouse Animation

The Matlab program radanimation5.m displays an animation showing the energy transport between the Earth and space in the presence and in the absence of an atmosphere (represented by a single layer of absorption). Program is documented but for help contact B. A. Klinger. Other scripts are needed by radanimation5.m to work.
radanimation5.m main program
dobucket2.m: calculate location of energy packets and nplot
dopacket.m: update longwave packet position
newbucket2.m: decide whether to add or subtract a packet of energy

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