CLIM 690 Scientific Basis of Climate Change

Spring 2016 - Dr. Barry Klinger (

Lectures: M 1:30-4:10pm, Research Hall 121
[Note that previous location was incorrect; room above is the correct one for the class.]
Special Introductory Lecture: Dr. Jagadish Shukla

Goals of Course: Class will discuss:

Summary of Course Work
Course Syllabus
Papers for Class discussion

Lecture Notes [Subject to Change]

  1. Introductory Lecture (Shukla) [uploaded 1 Feb 2016]
  2. Changes in Trace Gases
  3. 20th Century Atmospheric Physical Changes
  4. 20th Century Ocean and Cryosphere Physical Changes
  5. Greenhouse Effect Mechanism
  6. Radiative Forcing Since 1750
  7. Climate Models
  8. Alternative Hypotheses for Global Warming
  9. Climate Sensitivity
  10. Attributing 20th Century Climate Change
  11. Paleoclimate
  12. 21st Century Projections
  13. Impacts and Mitigation [Note: some images missing]

Problem Sets

  1. To Be Added

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