CLIM/GEOL 412/CLIM 512/EVPP 505 Physical Oceanography

Instructor: Barry Klinger (

Fall 2016: Wed 4:30-7:10, Thompson Hall L004

The Glory and Wonder of Physical Oceanography

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Course describes the global patterns of temperature, salinity, currents and waves in the world's oceans, and how these patterns influence marine biota, climate, and human activity. Course introduces key concepts which explain physical features of the ocean ranging from microscopic turbulence to global circulation. 3 credits

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Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions

I am writing a graduate oceanography textbook with Tom Haine of Johns Hopkins University. The book is based on my class CLIM 752 Ocean General Circulation and is aimed at a more advanced level than CLIM 412. However, each chapter is divided into Observational, Conceptual, and Theoretical sections; the first two such sections may be interesting to people in this class. The web page for the textbook has a link to drafts of some chapters. Chapter III has some information about surface properties which is related to what I discussed in class.

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