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How Does One Make a Sector Globe?

Here we see how to create one particular kind of Sector Globe: the OctaGlobe shown in the figure. The reasoning used here can be used for Sector Globes with a different number of sectors as well.

Projection for Creating an OctaGlobe derives the equations for projecting spherical coordinates on to a flat surface to be folded/taped into an Octaglobe.

Matlab Scripts for Implementing the Projections Described in the Projection Article

projocta.m: Projects (lat-lon) coordinates on to flat surface for OctaGlobe.
conocta.m: Contour plot projected to flat surface for Octaglobe.
octavec.m: Create vector field for octaglobe.m.
octacircles.m: Creates latitude circles and tick marks on OctaGlobe (calls projocta.m).
octapage.m: Set axis size parameters.
octasample2.m: Sample program using other scripts and bathdeg.mat to create OctaGlobe of coarse-resolution global topography.
bathdeg.mat: Topographic data used by octasample.m (about 260kB).
octasample2.pdf: Topography projection created by octasample.m (about 170kB).

The octasample2.m mscript includes an option to use contour routines from Klinger ToolBox of Matlab Mscripts:
contourfP.m: Version of contourf.m with more control over color palette.
colorpal.m:Color palette selection script called by contourfP.m.
maptoint.m:Script called by contourfP.m; maps continuous range to integers in order to select colors.

Sector Globe Home Page

Posted: 25 August 2012.
Last modified: 17 May 2016