Please read all course material at the beginning of the semester. This syllabus and other course material are not meant to be read as linear documents. When you click on the highlighted /underlined hypertext, you will access the relevant material, some of which also has links to other web resources. I recommend you print out the this overview, plus the schedule, due dates, and assignments (Some of the assignments also have links.). There may be some minor changes as the semester progresses. If so, I will inform you.
Virginia Montecino |
English Department | George Mason University
Syllabus - Spring 98 - English 302 - Advanced Composition 
for Science Majors - Section N10 
GMU's Townhall - Access our web-based class meeting place. Follow the registration requirements. Consistent participation is required. | Townhall Instructions
Course Goals AND Overview and Expectations 
Course Schedule AND DUE DATES
Texts:See APA - research documentation style guides - the APA(American Psychological Association) style is required. If you have a compelling reason to use another guide, contact me. | Strunk'sThe Elements of Style | The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette | "How-to" Guidelines for the Internet (create a web page, hook up to mason and the web via mason, etc.) | Resources for research in various disciplines | Avoiding Plagiarism and Copyright and Internet Issues | Guidelines for Evaluating Web Sites. Some of your assignments also have hyperlinks to on-line readings. Also see How to create a web page at Mason and Questions to consider when creating a web page
# 1 - Metaphors in your major
# 2 - Research Paper Proposal
# 3 - Internet Project in your major - Group Project - web document and oral presentation at end of semester. 
# 4 - Investigate the Writing Culture in your major
Part I - Interview with professional in your chosen field . 
Part II - technical report on writing in your chosen field. 
# 5 - Research Paper 
- Final Portfolio Guidelines and Requirements
- Portfolio Grading Criteria
End of semester Peer Evaluation Form - You will evaluate each other's participation in your group for "citizenship" in the class: including timely submission of drafts to your group members, peer response to drafts of papers, work on group project, participation in Townhall meetings.| Course Evaluation
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