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English 302 - Spring 1998

English 302 - Spring 98 - Schedule

Since this is an Internet class with only a few regular "real time"meetings, we will be following a Tuesday schedule. This means that assignments and class discussion over the Internet should be submitted by the Tuesday due date for that assignment. Since Internet traffic is often slow, it is your responsibility to see that you don't wait until the last minute to submit work and engage in the web-based discussions. All class discussions are not listed in this schedule. Some of the discussions will come out of our experiences as the class progresses. 

In person class sessions (for local students): 

1st class meeting - Tues, Jan 20 at 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm in Rob A 105

2nd class meeting - Thurs, Jan 22 at 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm in Rob A 105 

Final meeting - Thurs April 30 - 07:20 - 10:00 pm in Rob A 105

Course Schedule: (subject to change, if necessary, with advance notice). I encourage you to get drafts to me before the last day they are due. The more time I have to respond the better response I can give you. I feel no obligation to respond to drafts sent to me after the due date. However, since I need to see your work in progress, you still need to suobmit drafts to me in a reasonable amount of time before the due date. I will not grade any material for which I have no evidence you produced it for this class. Please keep all drafts of work. You can revise anything until the time you submit your final portfolio. 

Tues Jan 20 - first class (see time and place above) - Discuss portfolio grading system, syllaweb, register on Townhall - bulletin board discussion group. Discuss culture of the computer-mediated writing classroom, review technology, form virtual peer response groups. Begin class discussion on Metaphors. Explain Assignment # 1 - composition on Metaphors. Post to "Welcome" discussion on Townhall- class discussion meeting place. 

Thurs Jan 22 - Continue discussion on metaphors. Discussion of Metaphor paper. Review technology. Create web pages. 

[Mon Jan 26 - Last Day to Drop with no tuition liability] 

Tues Jan 27 - Respond to my test on sending attachments via e-mail. Post to Web Forum discussion on metaphors. 

[Mon Feb 03 - Last Day to Add Classes] 

Tues Feb 03 - Draft of Assignment # 1 - Metaphor Paper - due for posting to peer response group. Read Assignment # 2 - Group Internet Project [The Group Internet Project is an activity you will work on throughout the semester. Join Web Forum class discussion on questions based on your Internet Search related to your Group Internet Project and post observations about your findings.. 

Tues Feb 10 - Post your contribution to the Web Forum discussion before today's class. 

Tues Feb 17- Last date to send revised draft of Metaphor paper to me for comments. Begin work on Writing Culture Assignment - Part I - interview , and Part II, collecting documents for your analysis of writing in your field. 

Tues Feb 24- Report via e-mail to me on what documents you have gathered for your Writing Culture Assignment. 

Tues Mar 03 - Post Research Paper Proposal on Townhall. Post on Townhall your individual progress reports on your Group Internet Project - identify what your overall theme is and what site you are concentrating on - include the site address in hyperlink format. 

[ Mar 9- Mar 15 - Spring Recess] 

Tues Mar 17 - Web Forum discussion (topic to be decided upon) Catch up time on works in progress. 

Tues Mar 24- Draft of Writing Culture Assignment due for peer response group. Send me a private e-mail about your Group Internet Project progress. 

Tues Mar 31 - Last date to send revised draft of Writing Culture Assignment to me

Tues Apr 7- Submit Research Paper Draft for peer response group.

Tues Apr 14- Submit Research Paper Draft to me. 

Tues Apr 21- Publish Group Internet Project on Web. 

Thurs April 30 - 07:20 - 10:00 - Oral Presentation of Internet Projects (for local students) - critique of web sites, display of your web pages  and links to the sites you critiqued. 

[May 04- 05 - Reading Days] 

May 7 - 0730 - 10:15 - TURN IN PORTFOLIOS. (If you posted your entire portfolio on a web site, please be sure that you have submitted the web site address to me and that I acknowledged receiving it. You must send copies of the documents you analyzed for your writing culture assignment well in advance if you submit your portfolio via a web site.. 

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