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Classweb instructional Web space
PDF conversion

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George Mason University Resources

GMU Resources - Links to STAR student technology assistance, IRC Instructional Resource Center for faculty, ITU computing systems info, help files, virus protection, web development and guidelines, academic systems support, reserve labs, lab information, libraries, listservs....

Internet and Network Access

Activate a new mason account using telnet or reset your password  [necessary for creating Web pages on the mason server] || Activate or reset ON THE WEB

GMU MEMO E-mail account on the WWW - Virginia Montecino

GMU Resources for faculty and students

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Eliminate SPAM on Mason with Mail Frontier Enterprise Gateway

MEMO (Mason Enterprise Messaging Online) e-mail system information

Activate your GMU e- mail account or reset your password.

Using your GMU E-mail account on the WWW - Virginia Montecino

Forward GMU e-mail to your preferred e-mail account -Virginia Montecino

Set up GMU E-mail Address Directory in Netscape 7x Browser

Configuring Netscape Messenger Client 4.7x for a GMU Email account 

Set up GMU E-mail Address Directory in Netscape 4.x Browser 

Activate your Mason account or reset your password using telnet.  OR: Do it on the Web. You must activate this account to create a Web site on the mason server.

Using Netscape Messenger E-mail (General instructions from Netscape)- does not apply to GMU email on the Web.

People Finder - Faculty/ Staff and Student Directories (on the Web)

Cut / Paste, Up/ Download

Cut and Paste Text in E-mail and in other other windows-type environments

WS-FTP- an easy to upload and downloadfiles from a local computer to a server & vice versa

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  Listservs / Newsgroups / Online forums / Blogs

Blogging Resources - compiled by Virginia Montecino

CyberFiber Newsgroups - directory to USENET and alt. Newsgroups

GMU - Request or subscribe to a GMU Listserv - Virginia Montecino

Google Groups (formerly Deja)

Google Groups Help - basics, FAQs, glossary

Internet FAQ Archives

TILE.NET/LISTS  - list search by name, description, domain,  favorite topic

The Well - "a cluster of electronic villages on the Internet, inhabited by people from from all over the world."

Yahoo Groups - includes a directory of groups categorized by interest areas

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  Web Publishing


Guidelines for Student Web Pages - Protections/Precautions - Virginia Montecino

HTML TAGS - Virginia Montecino

Web Page Creation  on GMU Mason - set up directory and HTML instructions - Virginia Montecino

Web Page Accessibility Validator 

UNIX pico editing commands - for creating and modifying text in a UNIX environment

PICO Tutorial ( line-mode text editor) - NC State University Computing Services

Suggestions for Writing Hypertext - Lesley Smith

Web Page Creation using Netscape Composer - links - Virginia Montecino

Web Page Creation - Style Considerations- Virginia Montecino

Web Design Principles - Virginia Montecino

What is Hypertext - Virginia Montecino
More Web publishing guides

Web page analysis/accessibility

Making Web Pages More Accessible - Microsoft

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - W3C

WebAIM - The Web Accessibility How-to Site

WebAIM - Section 508 Web Accessibility Checklist

Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide

CSS - Cascading Style sheets

Cascading Style Sheet authoring tools - WC3 - set margins, indents, white space ....  clear  up problems caused by different browsers.

Cascading Style Sheets - Short Guide - WC3


Frames - an introduction - WC3 World Wide Web Consortium

More HTML / XML Guides

The Barebones Guide to HTML- Kevin Werbach

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts

Extensible Markup Language (XML) - W3C

HTML Goodies - tutorials, images, backgrounds scripts,....

HTML Writers Guild

HyperText Markup Language Home Page - W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

More Advanced Features of HTML - Dave Raggett, W3C

Office 2000 HTML Filter (remove Office-specific markup tags embedded in Office 2000 documents saved in Hypertext Markup Language)

WEB alley - web publishing made easy
Web Pages That Suck

XML and the Second Generation Web -  Bosak and Bray (Scientific American)

XML Tutorial -

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Java Applets and CGI Forms, Perl, PHP, Moveable type
 [Always check for viruses when downloading files.

Web Programming

the Joy of JAVAScript -companion Web site for JavaScript for the World Wide Web, Visual Quickstart Guide, 2nd ed. - includes scripts 

Matt's Script Archives, Inc.


The CGI Collection - Create scripts to fill in forms, etc. - have to run on a cgi-ready server

The Home Page

The CGI Resource Index

Script Search - bills itself as the World's Largest CGI Library - over 5458CGIs & scripts


JAVA by Anfy - "free download, freely usable" applets

Java Script City

JAVAScript Kit

the JAVA Script Source

New-to-Java TM Programming Center -

ScriptSearch .com

Moveable Type

Moveable Type decentralized, web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly updated news or journal sites, like weblogs

PERL - the source for perl

Perl Crawler tm - Perl and CGI programming search engine

PHP - general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML

PHPBuilder -downloads, tutorials, online manuals, links

PHP Resource Index

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  Images, Backgrounds for Web pages
[Caution:Too many "bells and whistles" can overwhelm a Web site.]

CoolArchive - make buttons, logos, banners online -  free photographs for non-commercial use on the Internet - The images are not free

Presenter Media - make banners, buttons, text, background

Pics4Learning - provides "copyright friendly images for use by students and teachers in an educational setting. The original photographers of each image retain the copyright to these images and have graciously allowed their use in this collection."

Science Graphics - free for educational purposes

The Whole Internet Guide to Clip Art - also fonts, backgrounds, script archives, html resources

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  Web/Internet Guides
  December Communications - guide to using Internet resources

The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking - Tracy LaQuey

InterLit - Internet Literacy Web Site - by Pat Sine, U. of Delaware, contains online resources for the Internet Literacy textbook by Fred T. Hofstetter

Internet Terminology, basic - Virginia Montecino

Lynx, a non-graphical Web browser (can access it from your Unix-based mason account)


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  Search Engines / Internet Research
  Recommended Search Strategy: Search With Peripheral Vision- Teaching Library Internet Workshops, UC Berkeley

Search Engines, Guide to, explanation of Boolean logic - Virginia Montecino

Search Engines, using on the WWW - Virginia Montecino

Searching for discussion forums/lists/newsgroups

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  Internet Etiquette

Netiquette - Virginia Shea

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  GMU supported Web based environments for education

a server for instructors/faculty needing a place to host their instructional web pages. 

Classweb instructional Web space

Reserve classweb instructional Web space

  Blackboard - Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used at Mason to deliver online or web-enhanced courses.

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  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Telnet

WS-FTP  - LE limited edition is free

- WS_FTP is a File Transfer Protocol software program for Windows. It has point and click capabilities (can transfer documents/graphics from your computer to your mason account and vice versa, send attachments in e-mail and upload Web documents to your mason public_html directory.)
File Transfer Resources - by makers of WS_FTP

SSH Secure Shell Telnet and FTP - provides an encrypted link between client and server computers for more secure file transfer.

Installing and using SSH Secure Shell telnet and ftp - Virginia Montecino

Get/Install Secure Shell (SSH) to FTP to and from Mason Server (GMU Instructional Technology Support) -

Upload/download files to and from your mason account with FTP- non graphical

MAC telnet and ftp programs:  Nifty Telnet  |  Fugu  |  Fetch

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  PowerPoint & Presentations
   Effective PowerPoint Presentations - Virginia Montecino

PowerPoint - Guidelines for effective presentations - Ann Agee
PowerPoint SlideFest - Microsoft
Presentation Skills Advice - Presentation Skills (in-depth advice beyond creating visual aids)
  Software for communication / telnet / file transfer / graphics / html / multimedia.

Software for distributed education, Web forums / writing / discussion, MOOs, MUDs
  UNIX Commands- quick list of basic commands (also used for mason account and managing html files)-  Virginia Montecino

UNIX File Permissions - What are they and how do they work?

UNIX - GMU support

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  Teaching with Technology
  Teaching and learning with technology resources for Faculty - Virginia Montecino

Electronic Classroom - Instructions for GMU Faculty


Frankenstein Moo - Ron Broglio and Eric Sonstroem (good intro to MOOing)

Kairos - special issue on teaching and learning w/MOOs,  plus basic instructions

Software for MOOs / MUDs


What is IRC, Where to get the software, and how to use it?

Windows Shortcut keys

Windows Shortcuts

Windows Expanded Shortcuts

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