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Copyright Issues
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updated Sept 2011
U. S. Government Copyright Resources
  U.S Copyright Office - Library of Congress 
  Also see: US Copyright  - Title 17 - Cornell University Legal Information Institute (well organized, compilation of the code, with search capability.)
  U.S. Copyright Office - Copyright Internet Resources (licensing organizations,, publications rights clearinghouses, related government agencies and international organizaations).
  US Patent and Trademark Office
George Mason University Copyright Policy
  GMU Copyright Assistance Office
Copyright Resources 
This list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the information on any particular site. 
  BitLaw - Copyright Laws- "comprehensive Internet resource on technology law, containing over 1,800 pages on patent, copyright, trademark, and Internet legal issues" - by Daniel A. Tysver, a patent attorney 
  Copyright and Fair Use - Stanford University Libraries
  Copyright and the Internet - basic primer for students - Virginia Montecino
Copyright Law, Intellectual Property, & Trademark Law - CETUS
  Copyright Slide Show - Virginia Montecino
  The Copyright Website- P. J. Benedict Mahoney -  top 5% of all Web sites
  KuestlerLaw - the Technology Law Resource
Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights -  National Paralegal College
  World Intellectual Property Organization
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