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This material is not necessarily applicable to specific projects assigned by your professors.


George Mason University Writing Resources

george mason university
Writing Center  | Online tutoring  | e-mail

New Century College
Online Writing Guide for New Century College Students

Writing Across the Curriculum
GMU Writing Guides in the Disciplines - WAC

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General Writing Resources
  Critique Web Sources for Credibility - Virginia Montecino
  Critique Sources for Credibility (non Web) - Virginia Montecino
  The Elements of Style - Strunk, William. 1918.  (Still valuable!!!!).
  Copyright and the Internet - Virginia Montecino
  Guide to Grammar and Writing- Capital Community Technical College

Guide to Research at GMU - Virginia Montecino
  Help with Writing Research Papers - Virginia Montecino
   "Indispensible Writing Resources" - Enhance My Writing .com

Research Resources (at GMU and beyond)
  The Longman Guide to the Web, Lester Faigley
  Noodle Tools - "free suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research"
Technical Writing Guidelines - Tech Prose
  What Is a Thesis Statement? - Virginia Montecino
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Research Writing Guides for Various Disciplines
  APA, MLA, CBE, Chicago, Legal
  APA Reference Style - Baker and Henrichsen - Brigham Young U.
  APAStyle.orgRecommended by the American Psychological Association - Official APA style
  Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities
  Citing Sources - covers MLA, APA, CBE, Chicago (Turabian) styles - 
Duke Univ. Library
Dartmouth Writing Program - materials for students in humanities, sciences and professional audiences.
  Electronic Style Guides and Manuals - MLA/APA - GMU Libraries - Electronic Resources
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