Zeus is the first live 360 video streaming research prototype for human viewing. It uses publicly available hardware and software and can be used for benchmarking and research designs in 360 video systems.

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WildPano is the first 360 wildlife video dataset. It consists of 30 videos. The average video length was 2 minutes 4 seconds. A total of 29 species were recognized.

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PanoSaliency is a large saliency dataset for 360-degree videos with 50,654 saliency maps from 24 diverse videos. The generated saliency is highly correlated with the actual user fixation. The saliency data can provide useful insight on user attention in 360-degree video viewing.

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PanoSalNet includes a CNN-based panoramic saliency detection model for 360-degree video and a LSTM-based head movement prediction model for 360-degree video streaming systems.

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QoEPlayer is an Android App that can be customized to any crowdsourcing studies or subjective studies on mobile video viewing.

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