Course Presentation Slides for

Software Modeling and Design


These lectures are taught weekly. It is assumed that each lecture lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes with a 10 minute break. However, the lectures could also be taught on a twice weekly basis with approximately half the material covered in each lecture.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Software Design

Lecture 2: Requirements and Use Case Modeling

Lecture 3: Static Modeling

Lecture 4: Object and Class Structuring

Lecture 5: Finite State Machines and Statecharts

Lecture 6: Dynamic Interaction Modeling

Lecture 7: Software Architecture

Lecture 8: Distributed Software Design

Lecture 9: Concurrent Task Structuring

Lecture 10: Information Hiding Class Structuring

Lecture 11: Detailed Software Design

Lecture 12: Relational Database Design

Lecture 13: Design Patterns

Lecture 14: Course Review