\ ENGH 375/507: Workshop

Guidelines for Workshops

Workshop: Assignment Guidelines

For this assignment you will be working in groups of three or fewer to produce a workshop that you will lead the class through. Workshops will run anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on how much of the content is dedicated to presenting materials and how much is dedicated to leading people through practice activities. Workshops will occur during each class period starting in Week Three.

You are welcome to approach this assignment from any angle that makes sense to you, and to utilize and/or produce as many or as few supplemental materials (like webpages, technical documents, videos, etc.) to support your workshop. That said, I would recommend producing some sort of documentation that your classmates can follow along with, and also to make sure you proceed slowly, procedurally, and circulate to make sure each of your classmates keeps pace during any practice activities.

The reason for this is that your workshop will be graded by your peers. I will be asking each of you to fill out a Google Form with feedback for each presentation, which I will average and summarize in a feedback report to each workshop group.

You may discuss alternative topics with me if you have an itch to cover something else, but I would recommend that each group strongly consider covering one of the following three options for their workshops:

Web Authoring Resource Workshops

For this workshop your group would locate either a single web authoring and design resource or website, or a series of thematically connected resources or websites, which you will demonstrate the utility of to the class.

You will begin by explaining how you located this resource and why you were looking for it. Explain how the resource works or how it is organized, and then demonstrate to the class how you utilized it to accomplish some specific web authoring or design task. Show us specifically what you have learned from using the resource. It will be especially instructive if you can indicate key ways that your audience might utilize this resource in their own work.

You may also compare/contrast it to other resources (such as those listed on the resources page).

Web Authoring Techniques Workshops

For this workshop your group would locate and master a particular technique that uses HTML5, CSS3, and/or Javascript in effective ways to achieve design and/or rhetorical strategies. Your workshop ought to focus on demonstrating the utility of these techniques to your classmates, and providing them with the technical knowledge to implement these techniques in their own projects.

These workshops ought to have the end goal of the entire class successfully implementing the technique. Presenters ought to practice troubleshooting the technique in advance so that they can circulate the room and offer help to any of their classmates that get stuck during the workshop.

Web Theory Workshops

For this workshop your group will research and practice applying a theory about web use or design that you will then present to the class. Your workshop ought to outline the major tennets of the theory and explain how it works in practice by drawing on examples.

There are two key elements to this workshop: (1) Demonstrating to the class how this theory supports your work as a web/author designer and how you have or plan to apply it in your own work, and (2) Through a series of examples (including your own work), demonstrate how your classmates might benefit from researching this same theory and applying it in their own web authorship and design projects.