Web Authorship & Design

This course will meet at Innovation Hall 209 on Mondays & Wednesdays, from 5:00PM–9:30PM.

Here is a basic description of what this course is all about.

Provides a rhetorical foundation for web authoring and design in professional settings. Teaches basic principles of writing for the web, information architecture, coding for accessibility, and usability testing. Production-oriented component provides instruction in writing valid code and practice with web- and graphic-editing software tools.

Credits: 3

Here are the Objectives for this course:

Students will:

Learn to make sound and informed technical, rhetorical, and design-related choices, as well as to apply sophisticated strategies for web writing and digital content development.

Students will:

Develop a critical literacy that allows them to critique and interpret web code and digital content, as well as to critique and update their own websites and digital content.

Students will:

Learn to troubleshoot problems, diagnose compatibility issues, browse forums and ask questions, and find their own way as they continue to develop their web authorship and design skills.

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