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Here you can find some basic information
about who I am and how to get in touch with me.

Here is a little bit about my background...

My name is Dr. Alexander Monea, but I'd prefer that you call me Alex. This is my first semester at George Mason University as Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities in the English Department. I received my doctorate in Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media from NC State University.

I've taught multiple courses before that were focused on web design, writing for electronic media, graphic design, and audio and video production. While I did work fulltime both freelance and for a small company as a graphic and web designer when I was younger, it has been many years since I've done so. I mainly brush up on skills by teaching these classes and learning alongside my students.

The software and standards for design change so frequently that focusing on teaching them will only leave you with outdated knowledge by the time you graduate. It is my hope that we might focus more on learning-to-learn, on discovering methods for posing and answering our own questions, such that you might embark on the (frustratingly) endless journey to achieve and maintain technical proficiency in web authorship and design.

While I am strongly encouraging you to work on your research, troubleshooting, and forum posting skills this semester, please don't hesitate to contact me whenever you need to. I am always happy to hear from students or see them during my office hours.