English 619:003 / Spring 2005 / Susan Tichy / George Mason University




Week 1: Jan 25: Introduction & an Exquisite Corpse book form

Week 2: Feb 1: The Material Poem: Cut-Up & Collage
Gaps, quotes, collaborations, a few Moderns & a few contemporaries.
Workshop your poems, begin a pulled-text round-robin, make a folded book.

Week 3: Feb 8: Poem Material: Cancelled Text
Tom Phillips, Ronald Johnson, Allison Cobb.
Visit by some of last year's CVC students & their work.

Week 4: Feb 15: Material Poem: Textual Collage
Peter Streckfus, Joan Retallack, Susan Tichy.
Workshop your poems, make a simple book.

Week 5: Feb 22: It's a Poem, It's a Page, It's a Book
Keith Smith, Joan Retallack.
Possible class visit by book artist Brad Freeman.

Week 6: March 1: It's a Book & You Have to Drive It
Keith Smith, Lisa Jarnot, Johanna Drucker.
Workshop your books & their itineraries.

Week 7: March 8: 2500 Years of Visual Poems in One Week
Fire, Water & Alphabets, The Sacred & the Silly, a few Ancients & a few contemporaries.
Workshop your poems & books, make an Inner Text Emblem book.

Spring Break: No Class on March 15

Week 8: March 22: It's So Dense It's Concrete
Eugen Gomringer, Augusto del Campo, Ian Hamilton Finlay

Week 9: March 29: The Eye, the Ear, the Page
Susan Howe & a few contemporaries

Week 10: April 5: Simultaneity, Sequence, & Modes of Meditation
Ian Hamilton Finlay, Susan Howe, Cécilia Vicuña, & a few more

Week 11: April 12: Sequence, Page Space, & Narration
C.S. Giscombe, Lisa Jarnot, Tina Darraugh, & a more

Week 12: April 19: All & None of the Above
Ian Hamilton Finlay

Week 13: April 26: Workshop

Week 14: May 3: Workshop

Exam Week: May 10: Portfolios due

We will also schedule a date for a class show & reading, which may be held in conjunction with a show by AVT students. This may affect the due date for final portofolios.