English 619:003 / Spring 2005 / Susan Tichy / George Mason University


CONCRETE ««««««« Week 8
««««««« March 22

Reading Concrete


What to do before today:

A visual poem

Verbovisual translations

What to read before today:

Bookstore Reader:
Drucker: Visual Performance of the Poetic Text

Translations (or transconstellations) of concrete poems from
Cécilia Vicuña & Edwin Morgan's pamphlet palabrarmás / wurdwappinschaw.

Class Photocopies, Packet 1: continue reading the poems. Examples of American poets' responses to poems by Ernst Jandl are included in the packet of concrete & visual poems.

Ubuweb: continue browsing exhibits linked on last week's page, and read these essays:

Mary Ellen Solt: "A World Look at Concrete Poetry."
http://www.ubu.com/papers/solt/index.html Please read "Introduction," "Switzerland," and "Brazil."  »»Optional: "Scotland," England," "United States"

Eugen Gomringer: "From Line to Constellation."
Noigandres Group: "Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry."
»»Optional: Just about everything else on that page.

Reserve Desk:
An Anthology of Concrete Poetry
Anthology of Concretism

Finlay / Abrioux:

What we'll do in class / what to bring:

Discuss Drucker & pin down the definition of "concrete poem" in the narrow sense, perform readings of concrete poems

MAKE: Verbo-visual syntax exercise, in groups

Workshop if time allows.

For Next Week:

A concrete poem