English 619:003 / Spring 2005 / Susan Tichy / George Mason University


««««««« Week 7 March 8

2500 Years of Visual Poems / Making an Emblem


What to do before today:

A pattern or picture poem

What to read before today:

Bookstore Reader:
Grimm: Poems and/as Pictures

Ubuweb: the world's best single source for concrete, visual, & sound poetry

The Early Visual Poetry exhibits are scanned from Grimm's essay, but they show up far better than in the photocopies. http://www.ubu.com/historical/early/early.html

On the artist index page http://www.ubu.com/artist_index.html use the "historical" column to find work by writers whose names you find in your readings this week and next -- including Guillaume Apollinaire, Augusto de Campos, Haraldo de Campos, John Furnival, Eugen Gomringer, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ernst Jandl, Ronald Johnson, Emmett Williams, the French Letterists, and others. At this link http://www.ubu.com/historical/mallarme/mallarme.html you'll find Mallarmé's "Un Coup de Des."

Class Photocopies, Packet 1: all poems

A Book of the Book:

Mignolo: Signs and Their Transmission
...& browse the section called "The Book Is as Old as Fire & Water"

Optional reading from War and Peace--

Robert Grenier: Untitled

What we'll do in class / what to bring:

Workshop your books & their itineraries, pattern poems, iconic poems..

Discuss Grimm, including definitions.

short texts, short poems, pieces of longer poems, pictures, symbols or objects you might want to work with in making an emblem book. And a few sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper you want to work with or share.

: Inner Text emblem book

For Next Week:

A visual poem