English 619:003 / Spring 2005 / Susan Tichy / George Mason University


««««««« Week 5 Feb 22

Poem / Page / Book


What to do before today:

Draft of a poem using page space to create a reading that is not top-to-bottom & left-to-right,

Or, draft of a collage poem interacting with a source text.

What to read before today:

Keith A. Smith: Text in the Book Format, through page 60

A Book of the Book:

Keith A. Smith: The Book as Physical Object
McCaffery & Nichol: The Book as Machine
Young: Notation & the Art of Reading
McGann: Composition as Explanation

Joan Retallack: "Icarus Falling" Afterimages

Class Photocopies, Pack 1:

Drucker: Linguistic Authority & the Visual Text

Johanna Drucker: a few pages from A History of The/My Wor(l)d. Granary Books 1995.

What we'll do in class / what to bring:

At 7:30, book artist Brad Freeman will give a presentation on his work.

In the second half, we will discuss page space & the book as physical object

For Next Week:

A handmade or altered book for which you have created an itinerary other than simple sequential page turning.