English 619:003 / Spring 2005 / Susan Tichy / George Mason University



COLLAGE ««««««« Week 4 Feb 15

Material Poem: Textual Collage


What to do before today:

Start an altered book & bring it to class.

A poem from cancelled text.

What to read before today:

Peter Streckfus: The Cuckoo, especially "Journey to the West," "Event," & "The Organum."

Joan Retallack: "Afterimages" in Afterimages

Susan Tichy: "Song Book of the Pillagers"
This web reproduction has destroyed all the page formatting of this piece. I'll hand out some sample pages of the correct formatting.

Optional: Susan Howe: "Hope Atherton's Wanderings," in Singularities. We'll talk about other Howe work later in the semester. You'll find excerpts from good secondary sources on this piece on the Modern American Poetry website.

What we'll do in class / what to bring:

Dicuss: Collage poems that interact with a source text: writing about by writing with. We'll include composition methods, degrees of comprehensibility & authorial control.

Workshop round-robin poems & altered text poems. Share altered books.

MAKE: a simple book form.

For Next Week:

Draft of a poem using page space
to create a reading that is not top-to-bottom & left-to-right,
Or, draft of a collage poem interacting with a source text.