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Support our troops, not the brass.

Demand that Congress raise taxes to fund better care for veterans and for low ranking personnel.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose: Tommy Atkins


The danger of DHMO

Some T-shirt designs I've come up with, most of which are available from CafePress.
Warning: here there be puns and other wordplay.

Cartoons I enjoy

Some verse I get a chuckle from
Warning: here there be sarcasm and politics.

Miscellaneous funny writings


I'm married with two daughters and have eclectic but idiosyncratic interests. Among other things, I enjoy.

  1. Bridge, although I haven't played in years
  2. Chess, although I haven't played in years
  3. Classical music, especially large orchestral works of the Romantic period and later. I don't, however, go in for things like 12 tone
  4. Computer architectures
  5. Fantasy, preferably humorous
  6. Mathematics
  7. Operating systems
  8. Pets - I'm one of those people that like both cats and dogs, as well as some less common species
  9. Programming languages
  10. Puns and other word play
  11. Science
  12. Science Fiction, preferably hard
  13. Theatre

I've attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Wayne State University (WSU) in Detroit and State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY/AB), now University at Buffalo, in Amherst.


I am a senior systems programmer and software developer with experience on a wide variety of languages and platforms. I have participated in the design and development of two operating systems, and am familiar with low level details of several communications protocols. My experience is heaviest on MVS and VM, but is not limited to IBM platforms.

For more information on my background, click on brief résumé, recent CV or full CV.

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