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Spring 97 - English 302
Advanced Composition for Science Majors 
Section N09

Course Goals AND Overview and Expectations
Course Schedule and DUE DATES
Texts: Crump and Carbone, English Online; Melissa Walker,Writing Research Papers, 4th edition; online: Writing Research Papers - Style Guides; Strunk's The Elements of Style; also 2 disks to copy Netscape and Trumpet Winsock. We will also read various online readings.
Assignment # 1 - Metaphors in your major
Assignment # 2 - Internet Project in your major - Group Project - web document and oral presentation at end of semester
Assignment # 3 - Writing Culture in your major - Part I - Interview with professional in your chosen field . Part II - technical report on writing in your chosen field.
Assignment # 4 - Research Paper 
Final Portfolio Guidelines and Requirements PLUS Portfolio Grading Criteria
End of semester Peer Evaluation Form
Avoiding Plagiarism and fair use of Internet materia
How-to-do technology guides
Copyright and Internet Issues
Resources for research in various fields
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