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Configuring Netscape Messenger 4.x E-mail Client
forthe GMU E-mail Directory
[Set up Netscape Communicator 4.x with GMU E-mail account. ]
1.  Open Netscape Navigator. 
2. Click on Communicator to bring up a menu. 
3. Click on Address Book. This will bring up the Address Book window. 
4. Click on File. This will bring up a menu.
5. Click on New Directory.  This will bring up the Directory Server Property window. 
6. At Description, Type: GMU Directory 
7. At LDAP Server, Type: directory.gmu.edu 
8. At Search Root, Type o=gmu.edu (not a zero) 
Leave all other settings as the default 
9. Click on the OK button.  This returns you to the address book window. You should now have a new book called GMU Directory 
10. To search the directory first highlight the directory 
11. Then go to "Show Names Containing" window.  Type in the name of the person for whom you are seeking the e-mail address.  Then press Enter 
The names and email addresses will appear in the window to the far right 

If you have questions, visit the Support Center at Thompson Hall - room 3,  call 703- 993-8870, or e-mail support@gmu.edu.
* Also see instructions for using GMU e-mail via your Web Browser: http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/memo/memo_www.htm
These instructions are not an official GMU document. Comments and corrections are appreciated. 
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