Susan Tichy
Resources for Students

An utterly miscellaeous selection of documents for the use of MFA candidates preparing for the reading exam, teaching assistants, and poetry students in general. You (whoever you are) are welcome to use this information for any private, educational, or nonprofit use, provided you acknowledge its sources -- this web site and any sources I cite.

How to Find Books: New, Used, OP, American, British

Poetry Web Sites
General sites /Sites on Visual, Concrete & Sound Poetry /Symposia

Sources for Poetry Recordings & Webcasts

Preparing for the MFA (Poetry) Reading Exam

Poetic Form: A Bibliography

Marianne Moore: Chronology of Poems & Notes on Texts

Marianne Moore & Mina Loy Syllabus
Includes complete course bibliography 
& links to sites with repros of Loy's art

Identity Poetics Syllabus & Bibliography
Readings by and about African-American, Asian-American, Caribbean, 
NewYorican, & Scottish poets, with emphasis on poetry in innovative forms

Mina Loy: Bibliographic Tips

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle): Table of Contents for Collected Poems

Notes on Robert Browning / Romanticism / Modernism

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Online Exhibits & Bibliography

An Introduction to Scottish Poetry
(for American students)



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