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Poetry Web Sites

General  - Futurism, Visual, Contrete & Sound Poetry ~ Symposia

Sources for Poetry Recordings


General Poetry Web Sites
author pages, features, & links

Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo

St. Marks Poetry Project, New York

Academy of American Poets

Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Cary Nelson)
Author pages with critical excerpts, interview excerpts, 
readings of individual poems, & links. An auxilliary to
The Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry

Poetry Society of America
Includes an on-line journal featuring discussions of & by well-known
poets & critics on broad topics, like "poetry & politics" or
"what is poetry criticism for?"

Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color (U of Minn)
Designed for undergrads & high school students, this site
invites students to create author pages as class projects.

The Writers Center
For 24 years the leading center for workshops, readings, resources & community
for writers in the Washington, D.C., area

Bonvibre's Phat African American Poetry Book

Harlem Rennaissance Site
University of Michigan

Nobel Laureates, Nobel Lectures

Poetry Kit
A UK poetry site with on-line interviews, articles & poems.
Great Books on Line
A fabulous collection of books that are out of copyright, including
Leaves of Grass, Tender Buttons, books by Eliot, Lawrence, Frost, Yeats;
complete poems of Burns, Wordsworth, Rupert Brooke & others; 
works on poetics by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Emerson, Whitman, & others; 
 + valuable anthologies, including The Oxford Book of Mystical Verse 
& the Untermeyer anthologies of 1919 & 1920.
Also includes Reference, Fiction & Non-Fiction lists.

Representative Poetry On-line
On-line version of a teaching anthology published & updated 
by the University of Toronto since 1914. Current version
includes 368 poets whose work is out of copyright,
plus many statements on poetics, poems about poetry, etc.
their links, on the Q & A page, are a feast.

Emily Dickinson: Complete Poems
May be viewed on line or downloaded as a compressed Word file

Walt Whitman: 1855 Edition of Leaves of Grass
1895 Edition of Leaves of Grass
1855 Preface to Leaves of Grass
"Song of Myself" : Facsimiles of manuscript pages

British Romantic Women Poets, 1789-1932
An electronic collection of texts from the Shields Library
UC Davis -- dozens of poets, facsimile texts of originals publications

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's novel in verse, Aurora Leigh
provided by A Celebration of Women
This site at the University of Pennsylvania provides full texts of books by women:
fiction from Maria Edgeworth & Fanney Burney to Katherine Mansfield & Rebecca West,
poetry from Anne Finch to the Brontes to Millay to H.D.
+ plays, travel writing, children's writing, & other nonfiction

The Making of America

Aristotle's Poetics & other Classical Literature


Futurism, Visual, Concrete & Sound Poetry
Hypertext, Book Arts
now ain't that a lot of stuff to stuff together?

Ubu Web
Visual, Concrete & Sound Poetry, including sound files

Futurism Home Page
Includes unattributed translations of 15 Futurist Manifestos

printers of fine letterpress and artists' books
includes a gallery, which includes
a stunning photo-essay on the Italian Futurist Book

Ian Hamilton Finlay Exhibits
a page of links + a little bibliography

Dr. Lesley Smith's introduction to Hypertext
in the context of illuminated manuscripts, book arts
& regaining control of creative space --
folow her link to "read more" and you'll find links to
some exquisite examples of hypertext fiction & poetry


Symposia Sites

Poetry & the Public Sphere, Rutgers, 1997
A large & extremely high quality set of papers on subjects as various as
experimental feminist poetics, Irish women poets, race & the avant garde, 
Muriel Rukeyser, Carolyn Forché, Black British poets, poetry & journalism, 
& Susan Howe's treatment of Shakespeare
Contributors include Amiri Baraka, Bob Perelman, Charles Altieri, 
Elizabeth Frost, Amitavar Kumar, & our own Zofia Burr.



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