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Gallowglass (poetry) Ahsahta Press, March 2010

Bone Pagoda (poetry) Ahsahta Press, January 2007.

Reviews: Nancy Kuhl in Rain Taxi; Marion K. Stocking in Beloit Poetry Journal (Fall 07); John Mingay in Stride Magazine ("from thrilling to thrilled"); Steven Schroeder in Pleiades; Pamela Hart in Galatea Resurrects #10, July 2008); Martha Collins: "A Place to Put Your Eyes," a review-essay in Field 78 (Spring 2008) 65-71; Fiona Sze-Lorrain in Galatea Resurrects #11 (Dec 2008).

A Smell of Burning Starts the Day (poetry) Wesleyan University Press, 1988  6 Poems from A Smell of Burning Starts the Day

The Hands in Exile (poetry) Random House/National Poetry Series, 1983. 7 Poems from The Hands in Exile


Onword: The Moe Green Poetry Hour on blogtalkradio, 12 October 2008.

Introduction & 8 poems from Bone Pagoda. Recorded 19 February 2007, Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS).


The second issue of Practice: New Writing + Art features an interview with Alec Finlay, by Susan Tichy + a long poem by Dieter Gräf, and new work by poets Renee Angle, Allison Cobb, Joshua Edwards, Michael Heller, Tony Lopez, J. Michael Martinez, Rusty Morrison, Danika Myers, Christian Peet, Brandon Shimoda, Ed Skoog, Grzegorz Wroblewski, & Mark Yakich.

    2007 Chad Walsh Poetry Prize from Beloit Poetry Journal, for "Stork" 

    2007 Annual Poetry Prize from Runes: A Poetry Annual, for "Ice or Salt"

    2007 Distinguished Entry, Campbell Corner Poetry Prize, Sarah Lawrence College, for "American Ghazals"

    2006 Annual Poetry Prize from Indiana Review, for "Gallowglass"

    Poems & collaborations:

    "A Ghost," Beloit Poetry Journal 60th Anniversary Chapbook, forthcoming 2010

    "Expression of Facts," Free Verse, forthcoming 2010.

    "Drummond," Mesostic Interleaved: Reading through books, writing through names. Alec Finlay & others. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh/Morning Star, 2009.

    "Trebuchet," Denver Quarterly 44:1 (2009).

    2 mesostics & 4 tea moon postcards, from Three Pots, One Hundred Teas, with Adrian Lurssen & Alec Finlay, Phoebe 37:2 (Fall 2008).

    "Lan Yun," Mesostic Tea, a chapbook by Alec Finlay. Slack Buddha Press, 2008.

    "Dear with Extremes of Thirst and Pain," with Adrian Lurssen, 42opus 7:4 (Dec 2007).

    "Ice or Salt," Runes: A Review of Poetry (Winter 2007) 66-69.

    "Stork," Beloit Poetry Journal 57:4 (Summer 2007) 36-39.

    "Desk & Chair," "Bridge Fight," & "Bone Pagoda," Fascicle #3.

    "'My Brother's Name Is Babylon'" & "No Copied Species Are Fooled," Free Verse #11 (2007).

    "Corridor," Court Green 4 (2007) 75.

    "Lead Belly," Denver Quarterly 41:2 (2006) 119-126.

    "Gallowglass," Indiana Review 28:2 (Winter 2006) 108-111.  Recipient of Indiana Review's 2006 poetry prize.

    "Summer Is Brief, Cities Are Large" and "Readable Means," Practice: New Writing + Art 1 (2006) 13-15. "Summer Is Brief" reprinted in the Poetry Calendar, Colorado Poets Association, April 2006.

"Book of War," CutBank Poetry 65 (Winter 2006) 194-96.

"Implicature," Beloit Poetry Journal 56:3 (Spring 2006) 34-35.


    "He Does Not Know He Is a Bird," 5 cut-up collaborative poems, with Adrian Lurssen, Fascicle #2.

    "A Visit to the Underworld Can Permanently Alter Your Perspective
    on 'Restless Existence', 42opus

    "Persephone," Hotel Amerika 4:1 (Fall 2005) 36-38.

    "Chao Doc" & "Defoliant," Denver Quarterly 39:4 (Summer 2005) 10-11.

    "Detour Through Inscription," a cut-up, e-mail driven, Exquisite Corpse, with Adrian Lurssen, Indiana Review 27:1 (Summer 2005) 149-151.

    "Couplet" & "One, Two," Beloit Poetry Journal 55:4 (Summer 2005) 16-20.

    "Book, Land, Night," Beloit Poetry Journal 54:4 (Summer 2004)

    "Stamp Act," Phoebe 32:2 (Fall 2003) 6-10.

    "Blazon," Indiana Review 25:1 (Spring 2003) the 25th anniversary issue.

    "Contract," The Denver Quarterly 36: 3-4 (F/W 2002) 55-58.

    "The Song-Book of the Pillagers," mixed-genre, The Literary Review 45:2 (2002) 396-406, an issue on Scottish writing. It is reproduced here --though with all its visual formatting lost, so it looks kinda lame.

    "An Interrogation of Refugees," Chapman 97 (2000) 107-112. Chapman is one of Scotland's leading literary journals.

    "Heath IV," mixed-genre, Quarter After Eight  6 (1999) 1-17. QAE is a journal of prose, published at Ohio University. "Heath IV" received QAE's 1999 annual award, judged by Douglas Messerli. This excerpt from Trafficke has since been retitled: "In the Stranger's Land."

    "Heath III," mixed-genre, Green Mountains Review, 12:2 (Fall/Winter 99/00) 84-91. Appeared in an issue devoted to literary ethnography, and was nominated by GMR for a Pushcart Prize in nonfiction. This excerpt from Trafficke has since been retitled: "Old-Fields."

    "Transport," Indiana Review, 21:2 (Fall 1999) 116-117.

    "An Excerpt from ‘Heath’" Phoebe, 27:2 (Spring 1999) 86-88.

    "Triptych: Circa 1492: Festive Procession with Giraffes, Artillery Yard with Men Struggling, Study of Human Proportion in the Manner of Vitruvius," Luna, 1:2 (Spring 1999) 36-49. 


    Poems & mixed genre works in national & international journals, including: 42opus, Agni, American Voice, Antioch Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Black Warrior Review, California Review, Chapman, Court Green, Crazyhorse, CutBank, Denver Quarterly, Fascicle, Feminist Studies, Five Fingers Review, Free Verse, Green Mountains Review, High Plains Literary Review, Hotel Amerika, Indiana Review, The Literary Review, Luna, Northwest Review, Phoebe, Ploughshares, Quarter After Eight, Runes, Sing! Heavenly Muse, Slow Dancer, So To Speak, Southern Poetry Review, Tonantzin

    Poems in anthologies including The Pushcart Prize Anthology XII; The Morrow Book of Younger American Poets; Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust; A Fine Excess: Fifty Years of the Beloit Poetry Journal; Hungry As We Are: An Anthology of Washington Area Poets; Under the Rock Umbrella: Modern American Poets from 1951-1976; Early Ripening: American Women's Poetry Now; Faces and Tongues: Poetry and Prose about People and War; Crossing the River: Poets of the Western US; Wingbone: Poets from Colorado.


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