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One of many happy SGD, Inc. employees

Of course work is work and play is play. But it is very rare for one to find an employer that takes to heart the adage of "All work and no play make Jack (Jill) a dull boy (girl)." At SGD, Inc. we strive to make the work site as inviting as possible. We feel that employees produce the best work when they are comfortable with themselves and each other.

SGD, Inc. has many events and in-house organizations to allow for our employees to get to know each other. Volleyball, BBQs, retreats, and events such as day trips to Kings Dominion provide the necessary interaction between our employees outside of the office.

Our company is full of highly-energetic, intelligent, self-motivated individuals and we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people to join our organization and become a member of the SGD, Inc. "family." Work is still work, but at SGD, Inc. the lines are a little more blurred and compelling projects keep us excited.


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