Publications and CV

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My Publications to date include:


2009 Anthropology and Climate Change: From Encounters to Actions. (ed) Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press. with Mark Nuttall (ed).

2006 Cows, Kin and Globalization: An Ethnography of Sustainability. Walnut Creek: Alta Mira Press. pdf cover/ link to my book on the Alta Mira Press website:^DB/CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0759107408&thepassedurl=[thepassedurl]

Peer Reviewed Articles:

2011 Climate and Culture: Anthropology in the Era of Contemporary Climate Change. Annual Review of Anthropology 40(1): 175-194. doi: 10.1146/annurev.anthro.012809.104925.pdf

2011 A Political Ecology of Water in Mind: Attributing Perceptions in the Era of Global Climate Change. Weather, Climate and Society. Vol 3 (publication date July 2011)

2008. Gone the Bull of Winter: Grappling with the Cultural Implications of and Anthropology’s Role(s) in Global Climate Change. Current Anthropology, 49(4).  pdf

2008. Eating Hay: The Ecology, Economy and Culture of Viliui Sakha Smallholders of Northeastern Siberia. Human Ecology. 36:161-174. pdf

2008. Walking Behind the Old Women: Sacred Cow Knowledge in the 21st Century. Human Ecology Review 15(2):115-129. pdf

2007. Cows and Kin: Innovations and Issues in Post-Soviet Indigenous Communities. IJARGE. 6 (6): 679-692. pdf

2006 Investigating Local Definitions of Sustainability in the Arctic: Insights from Post-Soviet Sakha Villages, Arctic. pdf

2006 Elder Knowledge and Sustainable Livelihoods in Post-Soviet Russia: Finding Dialogue Across the Generations. Arctic Anthropology. 43(1):40-51. pdf

2006 Ohuokai: A Unique Integration of Social Meaning and Sound, Journal of American Folklore.119(472): 161-183. pdf

2004 Russia in the Circumpolar North. Polar Geography, 27(2) (April-June 2003): 85-96.

2003 Viliui Sakha Adaptation: A Subarctic Test of Netting’s Smallholder Theory. Human Ecology,31(4): 499-528. pdf

2003 The Great Divide: Contested Issues of Post-Soviet Viliui Sakha Land Use. Europe-Asia Studies, 55(6): 869-888. pdf

2003 Co-option in Siberia: The Case of Diamonds & the Vilyuy Sakha. Polar Geography, 26(4) (2002): 289-307. pdf

2002 Viliui Sakha Oral History: The Key to Contemporary Household Survival. Arctic Anthropology 39(1): 134-154.

Book Chapters:

2011 Integrating Local and Scientific Knowledge about the Regional Effects of Global Climate Change. Course Reader eBooks. Belmont: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

2011 Water, Water Everywhere: Perceptions of Chaotic Water Regimes in NE Siberia in Barbara Rose Johnston, et al. (eds.) Water, Cultural Diversity & Environmental Change: Challenges for a Sustainable Future. UNESCO International Hydrological Programme and Springer Publishing (Paris and Amsterdam), forthcoming 2011.

2011 Climate and Cosmology: Exploring Sakha Belief and the Local Effects of Unprecedented Change in North-Eastern Siberia, Russia in Gerten, Dieter, ed. Religion in Environmental and Climate Change: Suffering, Values, Lifestyles. London: Continuum Books: 175-199.

2010 Climate Change, Culture Change and Human Rights in Northeastern Siberia, In Johnston, Barbara Rose, ed. Life and Death Matters, 2nd Edition. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.

2009 Following Netting: The Cultural Ecology of Viliui Sakha Households in Post-Soviet Siberia in Bates, Daniel and
Judith Tucker, eds. Human Ecology: Contemporary Research and Practice, Berlin: Springer Academic.

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2009. Viliui Sakha of Sub-arctic Russia and their Struggle for Environmental Justice In Julian Agyeman and Yelena Ogneva- Himmelberger, eds. Environmental justice in the Former Soviet Union, Boston: MIT Press. link to book

2009. Climate and Culture. In Alpina Begossi and Priscila Lopes, eds. Current Trends in Human Ecology, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 34-55.

2008. Indigenous people and mineral resource extraction in Russia: the case of diamonds. In Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh and Saleem Ali, eds. Earth Matters: Indigenous Peoples, the Extractive Industries and Corporate Social Responsibility. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing: 222-244. with Natalia to book

2004 The Gendered Nature of Viliui Sakha Post-Soviet Adaptation, in Post-Soviet Women Encountering Transition. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, pp. 127-145.

Peer-Reviewed Multiple Authorships:

2010 Chapter 6: Contact with Nature, Susan Crate, Bruce Forbes, Leslie King & Jack Kruse. In Larsen, Joan and Peter Schweitzer, eds. Arctic Social Indicators I (ASI-I). Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers.

2009 Prasad, Vivek, Monique Helfrich and Susan Crate. Social Capital as a Source of Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Developing Countries, The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses 1(3): 149-161.

2009 Prasad, Vivek, Monique Helfrich and Susan Crate. What principles and priorities of climate change adaptation need to be integrated into development protocols to make it successful and why? International Journal of Climate and Development.

2006 Huntington, Henry (lead), Susan Crate, et al. ICARP II Working Group I: Arctic Economies and Sustainable Development. pdf:

Popular Journals:

2011 We are going Underwater: Siberian Villagers Show the World What Global Climate Change Means. Natural History, May 2011. pdf

NGO journals:

2003 The Legacy of the Viliui Reindeer Herding Complex. Cultural Survival Quarterly, 27(1): 25-27.

1997 Silent Spring in Siberia: The Plight of the Sakha. Cultural Survival Quarterly, 20 (4):14-16.

1995 Environmental Problems in Sakha, Siberia. Surviving Together, 13 (4): 17-19.

1992 At Home in Siberia. Cultural Survival Quarterly, 16 (1):61- 64.

Professional association publications:

2008. Climate Change and Human Rights. Anthropology News 49(5): 34-45. pdf

Conference Proceedings:

2008. Climate Change and Human Rights: Making the Case for Viliui Sakha of Northeastern Siberia. In Proceedings of Calotte Academy 2007: New Northern Dimension. Ed. Lassi Heininen Rovaniemi: University of Lapland: 81-92. pdf

Encyclopedia Entries:

2007. “Taiga”; “Clean Development Mechanism”; “Genetic Diversity”; “Native Species”, in Paul Robbins, ed., Encyclopedia of Environment and Society, Sage Publications. pdf

2005 The Sakha, in Carl Skutsch, ed., Encyclopedia of World’s Minorities, New York: Routledge, 1052-1053.

2004 Sakha, in Carol and Melvin Ember, eds. Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender. New York: Kluwer, pp. 768-778.

Books In Prep:

-Water in Mind: Perceptions of Climate Change in Siberia. [monograph based on 2007-2010 NSF project]

Articles In Prep:

-Towards Sustainable Research: Relocalizing our Lives. Co-author Tim Leduc. Environmental Education.

-Changing Seasonality in Viliui, Sakha. in Historical, Cultural and Environmental Contexts. Sibirica.

-Contemplating the Agency of Indigenous Rights: Sakha and Saami Encountering Global Climate Change. Acta Borealia.

Other publications:

1995 Kwek Teen (Green Spirit). Bichik Press: Yakutsk.

1992 Baikal: The Sacred Sea of Siberia. Sierra Club Books, 1992. Contributing Photographer.