Using Virtual Manipulatives on the Web
to Develop Number Sense

NCTM 2000
Chicago, IL

Margo Lynn Mankus


Special thanks are given to the developer of the Virtual Manipulative Applets,
Jacobo Bulaevsky

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Getting Familiar with Virtual Manipulatives

When you click on a Virtual Manipulative Applet button below, a window will open up with the applet running. You will have two windows open. You want to size the windows so that you can switch from the this page to the applet and back again. Here is a suggested sizing of the screen. The applet page is on the left and another page is shown on the right.

Window Setup

Once the manipulative is open, you can open an activity below from this page. Then just click on the activity to read the question then click on the applet page to work!

You will be able to print the work you create on the applet by using the Shift Print Screen key (PC). You will have to paste the screen into a word processor and then print.

Virtual Manipulative Applet Buttons

Pattern Block Applet   Base Ten Block Applet   Integer Block Applet


  1. What's My Number?
  2. Whole Number Algorithms and a Bit of Algebra!
  3. Investigating LCM and GCF Using Rods

Hand Made Manipulatives

More Virtual Manipulative Information

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Some Other Great Applets or Activities

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