Hand Made Manipulative Instructions

  1. Pattern Blocks - General Information
    Triangles, Squares, and Smaller Rhombus Cutouts
    Larger Rhombus Cutouts
    Trapezoids Cutouts
    Hexagon Cutouts

  2. Base-Ten Blocks - Set of ones, tens, and hundreds.
    Base-Five Blocks - Set of ones, fives, and twenty-fives.
    Base X Block Information

  3. XY-Blocks - Set of X, X2, XY, Y, and Y2 blocks. Each has a different shading. The shaded side can represent negative values.
    XY-Blocks Information

  4. Attribute Blocks

  5. Rods

  6. Color Tiles

  7. References for making paper fraction strips.

Graph Paper

  1. Pattern Block Grid Paper
  2. Geoboard Paper
  3. Graph Paper
  4. Polar Graph Paper

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Copyright 1998 by Margo Lynn Mankus