Educational policies and practices affecting Spanish in the US
Organizer: Ana Roca
Florida International University

Participants: Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics; Gisela Conde, Embassy of Spain; Ofelia García, Teachers College, Columbia University; Kendall King, Georgetown University

This round table plenary session will focus on selected aspects of research on bilingualism and policy and practices that affect Spanish-English bilingualism in the United States. Spanish is evolving in the U.S., as it is in the world, in different complex bilingual and political and educational contexts. Although linguists have been concerned primarily with linguistic topics of language contact phenomena (social, cognitive and structural, etc.), re-thinking what research can offer in the areas of societal bilingualism, educational linguistics and socially critical approaches and possibilities, this panel hopes to encourage discussion, questions, and engagement concerning Spanish in the United States and related issues dealing with a person's right to opportunities to have access to bilingual schooling and developing literacy in both languages.

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Photograph courtesy of Hector Emanuel