The Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District
(NVSWCD) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its boundaries are the same as those of Fairfax County. Founded by citizens concerned about conserving natural resources, NVSWCD is one of 46 conservation districts within Virginia and currently serves an area with more than a million constituents. NVSWCD is governed by a five-member board of Directors. Three directors are elected in a general election every three years, and two, are appointed by the NVSWCD board.

Our mission is to lessen the impact of urban/suburban activities on our land and water resources in Fairfax County - vital components of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
We achieve this through effective leadership, technical assistance, and outreach programs in collaboration with government, industry, and the public.

NVSWCD provides technical expertise and education in the conservation and protection of the county's soil and water and other natural resources. Located in the Potomac River Watershed, and including 30 sub-watersheds, our unique programs complement and support those of Fairfax County.

Technical assistance includes such areas as
  • soils information
  • land use changes
  • erosion and sediment control
  • homeowner assistance
  • agricultural cost-share
Education and outreach programs include:
  • water quality education
  • public information
  • volunteer/intern programs
  • water quality monitoring
  • newsletter publications
  • native seedling programs