Handbook Introduction

This handbook is designed to be an overview of stream monitoring information. It is NOT designed as a replacement for lab and field training sessions. If you would like additional training or have any suggestions about other materials that would be helpful, please contact the coordinator.

It is easy to forget some details when monitoring quarterly. Although you are a certified monitor, you may want some review of the details of sampling and identification. You are encouraged to join other monitors or invite other monitors to join you. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator.

This handbook is broken into four sections: safety, general information, equipment, biological and chemical monitoring information. Below is the table of contents.

    Safety in Our Streams
    Brochures on Safety Issues
    General Information
    Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District     
    Stream Monitoring Program History
    Volunteer Monitoring Seasons Schedule
    Submission of Data
    Web Resources
    Equipment included in your kit
    Taking care of monitoring equipment
    Monitoring Equipment Managers List
    Biological and Chemical Monitoring Information
    Biological Monitoring Directions
    Chemical Monitoring Directions - Nitrate/Nitrite
    Chemical Monitoring Directions - Turbidity
    Example of correctly filled out data sheet
    Macroinvertebrate Identification Card
    Overview of Easily Confused Macroinvertebrates
    Additional Macroinvertebrate Information