Interested in Working on Research with Me?

First learn about my current research, completed projects and publications.

I am always looking for undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students who are interested in Mobile Systems and/or Machine Learning to work with me. My research goal is to ultimately advance human experience and capabilities. Revolving around this objective, my current research projects focus on emerging applications such as virtual reality, mobile computer vision, and IoT pervasive sensing.

The typical flow of the research in my group are as follows. We will first analyze the real-world data or process the human-related signals that are collected/sensed in the target system. We will then design dynamic adaptive algorithms to control the system action based upon the processed/predicted results. Finally, we will build the software system using the proposed algorithms to enforce the intelligent system operation. Some short-term projects may not involve all steps of the above process.

My advising philosophy is to help the students to find their strength and guide them toward their career goals. When a student joins my group, the first critical task for us is to identify appropriate projects together that both parties have the genuine motivation to work on. We will then work closely to understand the state-of-art, propose our design, and validate our ideas. Finally, if everything goes smoothly, we will publish the research results and I will promote my students' work to academic/industry community and help them to develop their careers.

For prospective students, one of the most important traits that I expect is work reliability, i.e., whether or not one can get things done and consistently progress at a sustainable pace. Considering my research in applied computer science, the other most important trait that supports the work reliability is programming skills. In terms of knowledge background, experience in one or more areas in mobile computing, machine learning, networking, signal processing, computer vision, or human-computer interaction is preferred.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me and attach anything that can show your match with my group.