Innovation Hall Stories
Setting Up Your Laptop to Automatically Grab an IP Address under Windows 2000
bg Setting Up Your Laptop to Dynamically Grab an IP Address (DHCP) under Windows 95/98
Connecting to the Internet from a General Use Classroom
Displaying a Laptop through a Video Projector in a General Use Classroom

Instructions for Using the Electronic Classrooms Instructions for Using Smart Classrooms
Enterprise Hall, Room 173 David King, Room 1006
Enterprise Hall, Room 178 Johnson Center, Room 311
Enterprise Hall, Room 80 West Building, Rm. 258
Lecture Hall, Room 1 S&T II, Room 9
Robinson Hall, Room A111 Robinson Hall, Room B108
Science & Technology II, Room 7 Robinson Hall, Room B208
Science & Technology I, Room 126Robinson Hall, Room B228
Enterprise Hall, Room 175Science & Technology I, Room 131
Robinson Hall, Room B104
Robinson Hall, Room B113
East Building, Room 201
Thompson Hall, Room 138
Robinson Hall, Room A243
Robinson Hall, Room A247
Robinson Hall, Room A249
Thompson Hall, Room 121
Enterprise Hall, Room 176

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