Professor Emeritus

George Mason University 
Fairfax, Virginia 22030



Workshop on Optimization
on the occasion of
Professor Roman Polyak's 80th Birthday

A one-day workshop on Optimization will take place on April 3, 2017. Please clink on this link for more details.


Short bio

 Fulbright Scholarship Award

Selected Publications since 1988

Live Science News Story - Using Abstract Math to Treat Cancer

Research News - Mathematics for Real Life Problems

Mason Gazette Article - Professors Find Mathematics can Optimize Cancer Treatment





OR441/MATH441 - Deterministic Operations Research

OR541 - Deterministic Models

OR641 - Linear Programming

OR641 Project - Linear Programming

OR649 - Pricing in Optimization and Game Theory

OR741 - Advance Topics in Linear Programming

OR784 - Advance Nonlinear Optimization



as of February 20, 2007