There will never be another Charlie. He was a very special, one-in-a-million dog. He had the ability to get everyone he met to fall in love with him - whether they were a dog person or not. He was also an incredible teacher. He taught our family how wonderful it is to love a dog. With all our hearts. (Especially Aussies!)

When Charlie left us, he left a hole in our hearts that was unbearable. We decided to try to fill this empty space with a little puppy. Hopefully, a little puppy who had lots of love to share.

I contacted several breeders in the area. None had puppies. And wouldn't until spring. I e-mailed one and asked that she let me know when they were available, that I was interested in a male, tri-color.

I received an e-mail back almost immediately telling me that she had one male, tri color puppy, born on July 5th. He became available the day before when the woman decided at the last minute that she didn't want a puppy. One last question...did he have any bit of a tail? She sent me pictures. Yes, he did! This might just be our puppy.

Jenni and I drove to Cumberland, Virginia on Sunday, September 26th to meet the little guy. When we saw this sweet, gentle puppy with brown eyes and nub of a tail, we knew he was just what our family needed!

Welcome to your new home, Rocky!

Updated Februrary 2, 2011