Fan Club

March 12, 1962 - January 16, 2008

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Bobbi Ritz Charlie's Best Friend and Membership Director
Sammi Director, Tampa Chapter
JenJen Director, Arlington Chapter, Former Director, Harrisonburg Chapter
LeeLee Grandma !
Sydell & Biz Carlton Directors, Princeton, NJ Chapter
Doug Casey Godfather, Park Playmate, and Occassional Babysitter
Tes & Chris Jensen Directors, Oakton Chapter
Cindy Jensen #2 Mom
Dave Jensen Charlie's Guardian Angel
JoJo Personal Tech Support and Photographer
Sharon and Jack Littley "My Special Treats from the Beach" Giving Friends!
Collette Lawson Director, former Florida Chapter
Tim Steppan Director, South Dakota Chapter
Debbie Brandon Ex-Mason friend and co-worker
Scooter Childhood Playmate
Melissa Wotherspoon First History Classmate (and friend)
Erik "Stretch" Gault Tallest Playmate
Mike Rothgeb Work Bud
James Ouellete Work Bud
Jan Hardiman Treat Lady
Dan Walsch Canine Activist and Lunchtime Companion
Tiger Santoni Jail Bird Playmate
Miss Pixie Exercise Inducer
Karen Maltman Redskin Fan!
Chuck Sterling Namesake Bud
Karen Gardner "Look But Don't Touch" Bud
Rachel Kirkland Future Aussie Owner
Kathryn Collinson Charlie's Tri Delta Big Sister
India Morrhouse Charlie's Tri Delta Other Big Sister
Ann Ludwick Upstairs Friend
Stoli Mini-Me!
Shanna aka Jaws Newest 4-legged Friend
Tommy Benner Legal Counsel
T J My Best Backyard Friend
Codi McCourt Playmate
Cindy McCourt Good friend (and Codi's mommy)
Lisa Aird Ex-Work Bud
Angela Rhoe My Friend in the Writing Center
Laure Grove Always Happy Friend
Ivan Rosales Charlie's Personal Mailman and very special friend!
Whitney Sublett Silly Sheep Jokester
Lisan Napier Food and Water Setter-Upper
Haley Spencer Special Dog Walker

Updated Februrary 2, 2011