Librarian Sentiment and the Destruction in Sarajevo

Mark Edwin Peterson


Selected Libraries & Librarians on Twitter

username chosen name with link to page institution
@BibSocAmer The Bibliographical Society of America University of Virginia
@WilsonLibUNC Wilson Library, UNC Chapel Hill U of North Carolina
@uwspeccoll Special Collections University of Washington
@IllinoisLibrary University Library University of Illinois
@IULillyLibrary IU Lilly Library Indiana University
@UChicagoLibrary UChicago Library University of Chicago
@fbulibrary Fontbonne Library Fontbonne University
@UChicagoSCRC Special Collections Research Center University of Chicago
@RareUVA UVA Special Collections University of Virginia
@GrolierClub The Grolier Club The Grolier Club
@WhatintheHill LSU Special Collections Louisiana State University
@UoG_ASC U of G Archival & Special Collections University of Georgia
@CornellRMC CornellRMC Cornell University
@SLUSpecColl SLU Special Collections St. Louis University
@PULibrary Princeton University Library Princeton University
@Pennrare Penn Special Collections Processing Pennsylvania University
@eliz_ott Elizabeth Ott U of North Carolina
@StanfordLibs Stanford Libraries Stanford University
@HooverArchives Hoover Institution Library & Archives Stanford University
@HoughtonLib Houghton Library Harvard University
@UCLALibrary UCLA Library UCLA
@HornbakeLibrary UMD SpecColl University of Maryland
@waynestatelib Wayne State Libraries Wayne State University
@FolgerResearch Folger Research Folger Shakespeare Library
@piuslibrary Pius Library St. Louis University
@coolathoole Hoole Spec Coll Lib University of Alabama
@UMDLibraries UMD Libraries University of Maryland
@unccspeccoll Special Collections U of North Carolina
@muddlibrary Mudd Library Princeton University
@UofSCRareBooks UofSC Rare Books U of South Carolina
@GorgasLib The University of Alabama Libraries University of Alabama
@john_overholt John Overholt Harvard University

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