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I have a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from KLS Gogte Insitute of Technology, Belgaum

During the course of my academics I had the great fortune of being advised by Dr. Damon McCoy. My interests lie in the intersection of Computer Security, Economics of Cyber crime and Machine Learning. I am also a part of the Center for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR)

Since January 2015, I have founded and run Informant Networks. A company that focuses on solving problems in Network Security particularly against insider theft.

I previously was a Security Researcher at FireEye where I mainly researched new threats and did reverse engineering to improve malware detection. Prior to that I worked at The International Computer Science Institute where I was working on the monetization of bitcoin mining malware and web search order hijacking

I love the world of FOSS and have been involved with FOSSTR. , FOSS Matters and Science Hack Day India 2016/2017. In my spare time I fiddle with things which are available here

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Informant Networks
3rd Floor,
1714 Ramdev Galli,
Belgaum, Karnataka, India - 590001

P: 91 831 2494044

E: mail at hitesh dot xyz

Secure Mail:
hitesh dot dharamdasani at gmail dot com
Key available on pgp.mit.edu
Key Fingerprint:
D31D 6DAF A489 DCBA 96A9
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H: Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM