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Refereed Publications

Forthcoming. “Cooperation during cultural group formation promotes trust towards members of out-
groups”, with Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Forthcoming. “High stakes behavior with low payoffs: Inducing preferences with Holt-Laury gambles,” with John Dickhaut, Jason Aimone, Dorina Tila and Cathleen Johnson. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Forthcoming. “Adaptive Procedures for Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Tests: Seven Decades of Advances”, with Li Hao. Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods

2013 “Harnessing the benefits of betrayal aversion”, with Jason Aimone. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89: 1-8. (Lead volume article)

2013 “The causal effect of market priming on trust: An experimental investigation using randomized control”, with Omar Al-Ubaydli, John Nye, Maria Pia Paganelli, Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan. PLoS ONE 8(3): e55968. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055968.

2013 “Temptation at Work,” with Alessandro Bucciol and Marco Piovesan. PLoS ONE, 8(1):
e53713. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053713

2012 “What you don’t know won’t hurt you: A laboratory analysis of betrayal aversion” with Jason Aimone. Experimental Economics, 15:4, 571-588.

2012 “Fairness and Cheating”, with Stefan Vetter and Joachim Winter. European Economic Review, 56:8, 1645-1655.

2012 “Non-human primate studies inform the foundation of fair and just human institutions”, with Jingnan Chen, Social Justice Research, 25:3, 277-297.

2012 “Private and Public Decisions in Social Dilemmas: Evidence from Children's Behavior”, with Natalia Montinari and Marco Piovesan. PLoS ONE 7(8):e41568.doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0041568.

2012 “The life and times of Gordon Tullock,” with Charles Rowley. Public Choice, 152: 3-27

2012 “Gordon Tullock and Experimental Economics”, with Thomas Stratmann. Public Choice, 152

2012 “Belief elicitation in the presence of naive participants: An experimental study,” with Li Hao, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 44:2, 161-180.

2011 “Turned off or turned out? Campaign advertising, information and voting”, with Becky Morton and Thomas Stratmann, European Journal of Political Economy, 27:4, 708-727.

2011 “Evolution of Gender Differences in Prosociality: Theory and Evidence”, with Xiaofei Pan, CESifo Economic Studies. doi: 10.1093/cesifo/IFR020

2011 “Punish in Public”, with Erte Xiao. Journal of Public Economics, 95, 1006–1017

2011 “Temptation and Productivity: A Field Experiment with Children,” with Alessandro Bucciol and Marco Piovesan. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 78: 126-136.

2011 “Social and Biological Evidence on Motives for Punishment,” with Robert Kurzban and
Erte Xiao, in O. Vartanian and D. Mandel (Eds.), Neuroscience of Decision Making. Psychology Press, 243-256.

2011 “Competition for Trophies Triggers Male Generosity”, with Xiaofei Pan, PLoS ONE, 6(4): e18050. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0018050

2011 “Beneficial Betrayal Aversion,” with Jason Aimone. PLoS ONE, 6(3): e17725. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017725

2011 “Classification of Natural Language Messages using a Coordination Game”, with Erte Xiao, Experimental Economics. 14:1, 1-14. (Lead volume article).

2011 “Leadership, Cheap Talk and Really Cheap Talk”, with David Levy, Kail Padgitt, Sandy Peart and Erte Xiao. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 77, 40–52

2010 “Inequality Seeking Punishment,” with Erte Xiao, Economics Letters, 109:1, 20-23

2010 "Willpower in Children and Adults: A Survey of Results and Economic Implications," with Alessandro Bucciol and Marco Piovesan. International Review of Economics, 57:3, 259-267

2010 “Emotion regulation and decision making under risk and uncertainty,” with Renata Heilman, Liviu G. Crişan, Mircea Miclea and Andrei C. Miu. Emotion, 10:2, 257-265

2010 “Competing Demands of Prosociality and Equity in Monkeys,” with Sarah Brosnan, Kristin Leimgruber, Erte Xiao, Tianwen Chen and Frans de Waal Evolution and Human Behavior, 31:4, 279-288

2010 “Distinguishing trust from risk: An anatomy of the investment game,” with Daniel Schunk and Joachim Winter, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 74:1, 72-81

2010 “Understanding context effects,” with Erte Xiao. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 73 (2010), 58-61

2009.   “Neural responses to sanction threats in two-party economic exchange,” with Jian Li, Erte Xiao and Read Montague. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. September 29, vol. 106 no. 39, 16835-16840

2009    “Fairness, competition and gender: Evidence from German schoolchildren,” with Daniel Schunk, Journal of Economic Psychology, 30, 634-641

2009 “Avoiding the sharp tongue: Anticipated written messages promote fair economic exchange,” with Erte Xiao. Journal of Economic Psychology 393-404

2009 “Three Parts Natural, Seven Parts Man Made: Bayesian Analysis of China’s Great Leap Forward Demographic Disaster”, with Barbara Sands and Erte Xiao. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 69:2, 148-159.

2008 “Expectations mediate objective physiological placebo effects,” with Anup Malani. In D. Houser and K. McCabe (eds.), Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research Volume 20, Neuroeconomics. Emerald Insight, London, 311-327.

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2007. Disposition, History and Contributions in a Public Goods Experiment” with Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Kevin McCabe. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 62(2), 304-315.

2007. “Combining Brain and Behavioral Data to Improve Econometric Policy Analysis” with Daniel Schunk and Erte Xiao, Analyse & Kritik 29, p86-96.

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2005 "Emotion Expression in Human Punishment Behavior" with Erte Xiao. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102(20), 7398-7401. Reprinted in Advances in Cognitive Economics, Boicho Kokinov (Ed.), New Bulgarian University Press, Bulgaria.

2005 "An experimental investigation of cooperative types in human groups: A complement to evolutionary theory and simulations." with Robert Kurzban. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102(5), 1803-1807.

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   Book Review

Decisions, Uncertainty and the Brain: The Science of Neuroeconomics, by Paul W. Glimcher. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume 56, Issue 3, March 2005, Pages 444-447

Edited Volume

 2008    Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research, Volume 20: Neuroeconomics, D. Houser and K. McCabe, (eds.), Emerald-Insight. London.