Sai Manoj P D

Assistant Professor

Side-Channel Attack Detection and Defense

  • Machine learning-based cache-, branch-targeted, thermal and power side-channel attack detection
  • Cognitive perturbation as a defense for cache- and branch-targeted side-channel attacks
  • Approximation and randomization based approaches to defend physical side-channel attacks

Malware Detection and Epidemics

  • Machine learning-based malware detection on hardware
  • Controling malware epidemics through stochastic optimization and graph-learning
  • Network study to evaluate impact of malware on networks and datacenters
  • Adversarial malware generation and evasion

On-Chip Security

  • Logic obfuscation to secure hardware from reverse engineering
  • Defenses against DoS and eavesdropping threats in on-chip communication
  • Detection of hardware Trojans based on computer vision
  • Adversarial machine learning for securing against invasive IC reverse engineering

Machine learning and hardware accelerator design

  • Approximate computing for deep neural networks on hardware
  • Reconfigurable processor-in-memory design
  • Task scheduling for efficient CPU-GPU-FPGA utilization
  • Defending against adversaries through sensitization and approximate computing