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This listing does NOT represent an endorsement of a particular product.
Some of these products "come and go," so I may have dead links from time-to-time. 
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A Guide to World Wide Web Conferencing Software - Comprehensive (links to other reviews/resources)- David Woolley
Edu Tools - compare products by features
Distributed Ed Environments / Software
Bazaar - Free and customizable to deliver courseware, portals or other myriad types of web based projects." Includes administrative tools, tracking capability, access controlled, bbs, bookmarks, chat, IRC, course customizing and management, multimedia, newsgroups, remote access, search and browsing, html capability See review in Technology Source (Jan / Feb 2003) FREE service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web.
  Ceilidh ™ -Web-based discussion program - automatically converts plain text to HTML 
  Collaborative Virtual Workspace - "enables virtual co-location through persistent virtual rooms, each incorporating people, information, and tools appropriate to a task, operation, or service"
  Course Compass - an interactive eLearning program powered by Blackboard®, advertised as having " flexible, easy-to-use" course  management tools.  Course Compass does not have to be licensed by your school/university.  Students buy password permission.
  Critical Tools -  freely downloadable, modules designed  for lit and comp, but can be used for courses across the disciplines. Claims include: create course home page, discussion, annotation, create web links, archivable, MLA citation capability, instructors tools for editing, deleting, documentation bulit in.
  Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment - cross platform | Daedalus Online
  Drupal - open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic web sites. Services including user administration, discussions, XML publishing for content sharing, personal weblogs, community building capability
  First Class - collaborative classroom 
Groove - "create interactive shared spaces as needed, inviting the members you want, and adding tools that match the task at hand"
iMarkup - workgroup collaboration with document markup and review, integrate and distribute with existing applications and products, migrate course materials
Instructional Tool Set - designed by Daniel Anderson for the University of N. Carolina Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies
  Lotus- Domino GroupWare and collaboration software - free open source software. "...runs without modification on Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Netware and any other system that supports PHP, including most webhost providers. Data is stored in a single database: MySQL and PostgreSQL are best supported, but it can also be used with Oracle, Access, Interbase, ODBC and others."
  Motet Conferencing Software - enables online group discussions 
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  Paper Review Platform - a platform for sharing and reviewing papers over the Web
  Prospero technologies - " message boards, chat, polling, a fully-customizable interface, site-wide management and reporting capabilities, and more"
  Trivantis - authoring and publishing software to create custom multimedia lessons, courses; can be delivered through the Internet, intranet, wireless networks, or CD-ROM for viewing on desktop, laptop, or handheld computers; can be  for school websites, for collaborative student projects, for complete interactive courses; can automatically graded tests delivered online
  Web Crossing © - Web communications software 
  Web CT - World Wide Web Course Tools 
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  enCORE Open Source MOO Project - MOO client - mailing, editing, programming and object creation 
  KCCMO'O - an educational MOO; an online environment for teaching, learning and research. Anyone interested in learning about MOO's and programming is invited to join.
  Lingua MOO - an Academic Virtual Community
  MOO How-to - collection of resources - Virginia Montecino
  Moo Home Page - LambdaMOO Resources
  Savitar - MOO/MUD MAC client - share, not freeware
  tkMOO-light  -  UNIX, Windows and Macintosh
Blogging resources
  Seed Wiki - a collaborative web site which visitors can edit directly in their browsers.  Free for non-commercial use
  Teaching Wiki - "a community for college-level faculty, particularly faculty who are interested in writing instruction, and computers and composition"
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