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What is a "blog"?
A blog allows individuals to post information directly to the Web without any knowledge of HTML scripting or web authoring softwares. Any information entered into a blog is instantly published to a Web site. Blog scripting automatically posts information to a Web site (either hosted by the blog site sponsor or to your own Web space, if you have one). As you add (blog) information (by signing into your blog site) the new material you compose is automatically posted on your blog.

Blog Sites / Resources

Blog Styles - Blog templates
Blog Count -  blog statistics
Blogdex   MIT blog index

Blogger  free Web logging tool or pro version | Blog instructions for
Daypop keyword searches of blogs 
Interactive-X free, templates, customizeable  blogs about legal issues
LiveJournal  free blog software 
Motime - basic service (personal web log, private messages, instant messagingclient and subscriptions) is free
Moveable Type free advanced blogging software for individuals
PHP scripting language and resources
Radio UserLand software for publishing and reading Web logs (hosting capabiligy - not free)
Tripod (blogging tools, comes with hosting subscription. (small fee per mo. for low end)
Slashdotblog submission, news, developers corner, reviews
Salon ezine that offers blogging for a fee
The Weblog Guardian Unlimited The Weblog United Kingdom
WebLogs lists most popular blogs and no.of users
Xanga - a Web blog community

Blogs (a sampling) 

Eden's Atelier and Gallery (
Librarian in Black ( - for "tech librarians"
Matthew Kirschenbaum - Asst. Professor of English and Digital Studies UMD ( ( - a weblog about women and technology. "It's a celebration of women's contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women's contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the computing field."
The Internet in Asia - "news items and academic research concerning the social, cultural, economic, and political impact of the Internet and other new media technologies in Asia"
Weekly Incite - "an Incubator for Critical Inquiry into Technology and Ethnography. It is based in the Sociology Department at the University of Surrey. Here, INCITE's bevy of researchers report on matters methodological and theoretical, and discuss their various research projects as they progress."
Writing blogs - A blog for writing teachers (sponsored by Joe Moxley, a professor of English at the University of South Florida)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Dept. of English, U. of MD

War Blogs

Back in Iraq 2.0
Iraq Diaries

Articles about blogging

Blog this(Technology Review, MIT,  March 2002)                                        .
Blogging Goes Mainstream (The Washington Post, Dec 20, 2002) 
The Blogging Iceberg Survey of Blogs updated (Perseus White Papers)
City Wide Web: City "blog maps" enable point-and-click sightseeing (by Brian Montopoli, Slate, June 30, 2003)
CORANTE ON BLOGGING: In media res (by Hylton Jolliffe)
Day-by-Day In the Life (The Washington Post, May 17, 2001)
Free Speech -- Virtually (The Washington Post, Dec 19, 2002)
“Harvard U.: 'Blog' expert hopes to bring trend to Harvard,“ by Sam J. Lin (The America's Intelligence Wire, Feb 27, 2003) 
How Weblogs Keep the Media Honest (The Washington Post, Jul 31, 2002) 
Internet giants catch on to blogs (SF Chronicle, Verne Kopytoff) Sept 1, 2003 
New Kids on the Blog  (Washington Post,  February 6, 2003)
Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality Version 1.1 Clay Shirky, Feb 10 2003 
Readers' Favorite Blogs (The Washington Pos, Jan 3, 2003) 
Scholars Who Blog:The soapbox of the digital age draws a crowd of academics, by David Glenn (Chronicle of HIgher Education, June 6, 2003)
TrackBack: Where Blogs Learn Their Places, Phillip D. Long (Syllabus Magazine, Oct. 7, 2003)
Use the Blog, Luke  (, May 10, 2002)
Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing, Clay Shirky, 10/03/02
What We're Doing When We Blog (O'Reilley Network,  June 13, 2002) 
“Writing with Web logs,” by Kristen Kennedy (Technology & Learning, Feb 2003 v23 i7 p11- 3)

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