Spring 99
Distance Learning Science Section
English 302 - Section N15

English 302, Advanced Composition for Science Majors, Section N15
will be offered in Spring 99 as a distance learning course via computer-mediated communication (not TV) course).

To enroll and find out further details, contact:
English Department  at   George Mason University
Robinson Hall A 487
You must contact the English Department . No 4GMU telephone registration for this section

Professor Virginia Montecino 
(E-mail: montecin@gmu.edu
Web site: http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin)

Meetings in person:   4:30 pm - 7:10:00 pm Rob A 105 - Fairfax Campus
Dates : Tues, Jan 26; Thurs, Jan 28 ; Thurs, May 6 and final exam date.  If you can't make the real time classes, we can discuss other arrangements.) I strongly encourage you,  If at all possible, to come to the real time meetings.  I find that students often do better if they can attend the orientation meetings on the 26th and 28th...

See Course Syllabus

Course Description: This course fulfills the requirements for English 302 (students must achieve a grade of C or better to pass Engl 302).  Students will have intensive practice in writing and analyzing such expository forms as the essay, article, proposal, and technical or scientific report. There is a significant amount research in English 302. A major research paper is required.

Class activities (discussion, response to drafts, paper submission, etc,) will be conducted via various computer-mediated communication mediums. Students will use the Internet for research and reports. Students will create web pages and use a web-based discussion program called Townhall) for asynchronous class meetings. 

The instructor will meet in person with the class at the beginning of the semester to explain course requirements, review syllabus, discuss basic technology and modes of communication. At the end of the semester students will meet in person to present their group project - to be published on the Web.  If you are struggling with basic technology skills and/or do not have regular access to a computer connected to a modem this class is not for you.  The advanced writing in this class requires a great deal of time and effort - struggling with technology skills at the same time could jeopardize your ability to keep up with the course requirements.

Student prerequisites: Completion of 45 credits, three credits of composition, and six credits of literature.  You should have a declared major appropriate for the section in which you enroll.  If your technology skills are marginal , it would not be advisable to take this course via distance learning.  If you are really struggling with composition skills, learning the technology might interfere
with the time you need to concentrate on your writing.  The initial meetings are crucial to explain the technology (the technology may differ from semester to semester, section to section).  Though not required, it is my experience that they can make a real difference in students ability to successfully complete the course. [If you are an out-of-town student it is especially critical that you are technologically skilled, can teach yourself any required software programs and are comfortable in a computer-mediated environment.]

Student Requirements:

  • an ACTIVE GMU osf1/mason email account and proficiency with using the system for email
  • proficiency with using FTP (file transfer protocol) for uploading/downloading
  • familiarity with navigating a Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer
  • proficiency with creating Web pages or willingness to quickly learn.
  • willingness to learn specific computer-mediated communication programs to facilitate course requirements
  • willingness to regularly commmunicate electronically with professor, with class members and small group
  • sufficient motivation, self-discipline, and technology skills to meet participation requirements and deadlines.
Technology Requirements: Resources: 
    I have read the prerequisites above and understand that it is my responsibility to obtain the skills and computer access specified before the course begins.  I am also aware the course will include some on campus meetings. 

    I agree to check my MASON/OSF1 email for notices about the course once I enroll. (Your commercial email account will not automatically receive these messages.)

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    STUDENT ID#__________________________ 
    GMU EMAIL:__________________  other EMAIL ____________
    [Once you are enrolled at GMU,  the "other" email will not be used.]
    HOME PHONE:__________________    WORK PHONE:___________________

    Feel free to direct course questions via e-mail to Professor Montecino at montecin@gmu.edu.
    Professor Montecino's Home Page.