George Mason University

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GMU Faculty Senate (2009-2010).

Chair, GMU College of Science committee on Promotion and Tenure (2006-2007).

Member, GMU College of Science committee on Promotion and Tenure (2007-2008).

GMU Neuroscience Program Advisory Committee (since 2006).

Invited Panel Reviewer for the National Science Foundation,
Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2003-2005).

Chair of Category Judges, Fairfax County Regional Science Fair,
Microbiology and Zoology panels (since 2000).

MMB department: Director of the M.S. Program in Biology (2003-2008), School of Systems Biology Graduate Committee, Bylaws Committee, Search Committees, etc.

Past Member - GMU Faculty Senate; External Academic Relations Committee; CAS Council; the Prince William Steering Committee; the ESP Executive Committee; the Biosciences Ph.D. Proposal Committee; the Bioinformatics Ph.D. Proposal Committee; MMB 10-year space committee; and others.

Invited grant reviews for the National Science Foundation; the National Institutes of Health; US Department of Agriculture; Alzheimer's and Related Diseases Research Award Fund (Virginia Center on Aging); Science Applications International Corporation, and Virginia Youth Tobacco Programs (VCU/VTSF).

Invited manuscript reviews for: Genomics; Genome Research; Genome Biology; Gene; Journal of Heredity; Bioinformatics; Molecular Biology & Evolution; Journal of Molecular Evolution; Molecular & Cellular BIology; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA; Trends in Genetics; Developmental Biology; Journal of Economic Entomology; Integrative and Comparative Biology; BioTechniques; and several Genetics textbooks.