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lesson title strands suggested grades powerpoint Team additional resources
Piggy bank algebra grades 3-5 bank.ppt ACT NOW
Aleah's spending algebra grades 3-8 aleah.ppt ACT NOW  
What's the best deal? algebra grades 3-8 deal.ppt ACT NOW
Wishing for a puppy algebra grades 3-8 puppy.ppt ACT NOW
Pizza toppings algebra grades 3-8 pizza.ppt ACT NOW problem
Mp3 plans algebra grades 3-8 mp3.ppt ACT NOW hint cards
Icecream combinations Algebraic reasoning grades 3-8 icecreamppt IMPACT icecream problem
Saving for a present Algebraic reasoning grades 3-8 save for a present IMPACT problem
Locker problem algebra/number sense grades 3-8 locker ppt IMPACT recording sheet
Tooth Pick problem algebra/geometry grades 3-8 toothpick IMPACT toothpick tasksheet
Possible Solutions algebra & numbers grades 3-5 solution pre NCTM extension
Patterns that grow algebra grades 3-5 patterns.ppt NCTM  
Chairs around the table algebra grades 3-5 Chairs.ppt NCTM  
Building triangles geometry grades 3-5 triangle pre NCTM  
Decimal Draw numbers grades 5-6 decimal Westlawn  
Mean, median & mode data analysis grades 5-6 measures Westlawn  
Percent Grid problems numbers/computation grades 3-8 percent.ppt NCTM
Product game numbers/computation grades 3-8 product.ppt NCTM
Apple Pi numbers/computation grades 3-8 apple.ppt NCTM
Rational Numbers numbers/computation grades 3-8 rational.ppt NCTM
PTA fundraiser algebraic reasoning grades 3-8 pta fundraiser IMPACT ptafundraiser task